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This is a search engine for Ligurian dictionaries. We currently have the following dictionaries:

We plan to add a collection of dictionaries of several varieties of the Ligurian language – not just Genoese.

The historical dictionaries have been digitised using their original orthography. You can search them using any orthography, without the need to learn the original one. The Ligurian language version of this website is written according to the orthographic standards of the literary tradition. It follows the rules that have been devised for the Genoese language page of the newspaper Il Secolo XIX, and for other ongoing initiatives which aim to restore the status of Genoese as a language for literature and other genres. These include the book series E restan forme (poetry) and Biblioteca zeneise (prose), the Ligurian language newspaper O Stafî, as well as several scientific projects and a number of other endeavours, such as the Ligurian version of Facebook.

All texts have been automatically digitised with a neural network trained specifically for Ligurian. There may therefore be some transcription errors.

Note. This project is carried out by volunteers. Would you like to lend a hand? If you have ideas for improvements, or advice on dictionaries that could be added, you can contact us at!